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DA15 UHF Series
DA15 UHF Series

470-890 MHz, 15kW, Digital Air RF Loads

DA15 UHF Series, Digital Air Loads are forced air cooled loads that provide a fully self-contained and convenient means of dissipating large amounts of analog or digital RF power. Digital Air loads require no plumbing, pumps or complicated installation and setup procedures. The four fan design provides excellent cooling efficiency as well as extremely high reliability.

Model Matrix
Model Connector AC Power
DA15F15 3-1/8", Flanged 115 VAC
DA15U15 3-1/8", Unflanged 115 VAC
DA15F30 3-1/8", Flanged 230 VAC
DA15U30 3-1/8", Unflanged 230 VAC
DA Series, Digital Air RF Loads
DA15 UHF Series