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Power Sensors

Power Sensors for RF Applications

Discover cutting-edge power sensor solutions for a wide range of RF applications with Bird. Our innovative products cater to diverse needs, from basic directional power sensors used for measuring transmitter output power and VSWR to advanced self-correcting power sensors ideal for process control applications. No matter the unique requirements of your application, you can trust Bird's sensor products to deliver accurate and reliable performance.

Additionally, Bird offers various connectivity options to seamlessly integrate our sensor products into your system. We provide back-end connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs. For further information or to discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

RF Power Sensors

From simple measurements to complex waveforms, our plug and play sensors provide accurate readings on multiple devices.

Precision RF Products

Birds' line of RF Laboratory Sensors and Meters are highly accurate solutions for your laboratory needs.

Calibration Standards

The SMK calibration kits are precision, high power calibration standards that are used to calibrate RF radios, wattmeters, directional couplers and other high-power RF test equipment in the field or metrology lab.

MRI Calibration

Bird's MRI test kit provides a complete set of equipment to carry out precise and independent measurements of RF power encountered.  It also determines if the equipment is not in the appropriate exposure limits during device or pulse sequencing test.

Software Applications

Enhance the performance of your RF products with Bird Software Applications.