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Cable & Antenna Analyzers for Railroad Communication Systems

Locate RF cable, connector & antenna problems at the source

Smart railway systems require the use of critical communications for operation and control, and to improve performance, reliability, and passenger experience. However, rain, snow and extreme temperatures can cause transponders to fail, cables to experience water ingress and antennas to be damaged from objects thrown from the rail bed.


The RailHawk™ Cable and Antenna Railway Kit is the most cost-effective solution to quickly identify failing RF cables, connectors and antennas over thousands of railway miles and numerous locomotives.

The handheld tester offer measurements that include precision return loss vs. frequency, return loss vs. distance, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements.

Bird’s RailHawk Kit was designed to help novice and expert users alike find problems before they become time-consuming, expensive repairs:

  • Determine if your GSM-R & LTE radio RF cables and antennas are the source of your problem.
  • Diagnose antenna and cable problems in fixed, track-side radio infrastructure, and on-board rolling stock.
  • Accurately pinpoint coaxial cable faults, minimizing downtime associated with removing furniture, panels and bulkheads. Early identification of degraded cable performance due to moisture ingress, permitting planned maintenance instead of emergency repairs.

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