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Off-Air Testing Products

Welcome to the world of RF Spectrum Analysis!

In today's ever-evolving technological landscape, Engineers face critical challenges in comprehending the complexities of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The ability to design, characterize, and validate modern RF systems, including Communications Systems, RADAR Systems, and Electronic Warfare Systems, hinges on this fundamental understanding.

X-COM Systems


At X-COM Systems, we offer a cutting-edge solution: our line of RF Signal Record and Playback Systems. These advanced systems empower Engineers to effortlessly record or playback extensive periods of RF data without any interruptions or gaps in the recording.

Once the data is captured, it can be easily offloaded and processed using a wide array of third-party vector signal analysis software packages. These powerful tools enable Engineers to extract the crucial insights they need, guiding them towards the answers they seek.

Join us in unlocking the potential of RF Spectrum Analysis and revolutionize your engineering endeavors. Explore X-COM Systems today!
RF Streaming Products

Scalable, high-speed, continuous capture, record and playback solutions with scalable storage options. These systems can record RF spectrum from DC to 50 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths upto 1 GHz.

Naval Tactical Data Systems

Land Based Training Sites and Engineering Development Sites use the NTDS Switching Systems to support testing of the AEGIS Weapons Systems (AWS) and other associated combat systems equipment that will be installed on-board AEGIS Cruisers and Destroyers.