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Critical and Precise RF Measurement Tools

The plasma etch or “Dry Etch” process used in the production of semiconductors and other products is dependent on precise control of the parameters used to generate the plasma which is the active agent in the etch process. Radio Frequency energy is the means of imparting energy to a gas in the plasma chamber which excites the gas to the plasma state. Bird precision RF tools enable you to control the RF energy delivered to your plasma chamber precisely. In addition to RF control improvement, the accuracy of the Bird RF power sensors and the capabilities of the Bird Diagnostic System (BDS2) provide you with the means of improving your chamber to chamber matching. Precision RF measurement tools will also help you avoid unplanned tool downtime.

  • In-Situ Voltage, Current and Phase RF Feed Line Measurement
  • RF Power Measurement with 0.5% accuracy – Continuous Wave (CW) or Pulse
  • RF Power Measurement with 1% accuracy – Continuous Wave (CW) or Pulse
  • RF Load Terminations and Calibration Carts

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