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Whether for commercial applications, military maintenance, or electronic military instrumentation, Bird has a built-in, single-minded devotion to reliability. Bird has become known as the world's most reliable RF specialists for all markets and segments — because to you, yours is the only market or segment that matters.

Bird provides an array of product solutions as the RF specialists across multiple market segments.  Our Wattmeters have been in use since the 1940’s providing critical power measurement instrumentation for our military.  Both Broadcasters and the FCC depend upon Bird Power Monitors to transmit optimal power to cover their target area and also to meet critical industry regulations for delivered RF power.

The Bird 43 meter has been the industry standard in amateur radio for more than half a century.  Along with our wide offering of connectors, cables, loads, attenuators and other RF components, a Ham Radio Operator can be well equipped to talk to fellow hobbyists around the world.

The ease of use and reliability of our Field test equipment is depended upon every day by field test engineers around the world.  The rugged, hand held equipment is not only used to maintain communications systems beyond simply monitoring, but to also verify field performance with our Spectrum Analyzers, and also identify and locating any faults in the system with our AT and SiteHawk series of Cable and Antenna test equipment.

Our performance is unmatched - our calibrated products are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) so you know you can count on the measurements to control your critical systems.

Bird also has a long history of developing custom RF solutions for any application.  We are willing and eager to work with you to build the exact solution for your unique applications; we are here to help you solve your RF measurement challenge.

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RF Analyzers

Handheld Spectrum Analyzers and RF Cable & Antenna Testers

RF Wattmeters and Elements

Bird offers a wide selection of Wattmeters and Plug-In Elements for RF Applications

RF Power Monitors

Reliable RF Monitoring Meters for Broadcast, Wireless, Public Safety and Industrial Applications.


Wide range of convection and oil cooled attenuators.


The largest selection of high and low power RF termination in the industry.

Passive Components

Passive RF Components to modify and enhance Bird Products


All items necessary to customize and adapt our products to your application.