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8630B Series
8630B Series, Moduload RF Terminations
8630B Series

10 kW, Forced-Air Cooled Moduload™ RF Terminations

8630B Series, RF Loads are high-power 50-ohm loads that efficiently dissipate up to 10 kW of RF over a wide frequency range up to 1 GHz.

  • Interlock control circuit provides fail-safe protection of the transmitter and load resistor in the event of an ac power failure to the blower or coolant pump.
  • Compact, low-profile design saves space in crowded transmitter sites.
  • Available Voltage Options (add suffix to model number).
    • 115V @ 60 Hz (-115)
    • 230V @ 50 Hz (-230)
Model Selections
Model Connector
8631B 3 1/8 in EIA, Flanged
8635B 1 5/8 in EIA, Flanged
8638B 3 1/8 in EIA, Unflanged


The 8640A930-1, Load Protection Switch provides an added layer of safety for the water-cooled Moduloads by preventing RF power from reaching it before proper coolant flow has been established. This device protects the Moduloads from damage that can result in costly downtime. Only Available for 8631B, 3 1/8 in Flanged Units

8630B Series, Moduload RF Terminations
8630B Series
product specifications:
Item No
8630B Series
Item Name
10 kW, Forced-Air Cooled Terminations
Power Rating
10 kW continuous
Frequency Range and VSWR
1.1 max. 1kHz to 1000 MHz (DC for continuity checks)
Temperture Range
Per power level and coolant mix:
<=10 kW: (35% Water) +5 to +45 °C
<=10 kW: (35% Ethylene Glycol/ 65% Water) -20 to +35°C
10 pts (4.75 liters) 100% water
or 65% water/ 35% industrial Ethylene Glycol. With forced-air cooling
Tubular, Parallel Connection
Product Type
Forced-Air Cooled
Operating Position
Horizontal Only
See Model Matrix
Gray Powder Coat
22 in x 16 in x 16 in
(559 mm x 406 mm x 406 mm)
110 lb (50 kg)
115 V models: 9 1/2 A nominal @ 115V ± 10% 60Hz;
230 V models: 4 3/4 A nominal @ 230V ± 10% 50Hz
compatible devices:
3-1/8” Flanged Load Protection Switch
Ethylene Glycol, Industrial Grade