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8941-115SC13, 15 kW Ultra Stable RF Termination

15 kW, 230V, DC to 28 MHz, Precision RF Load

8941-115SC13, 13.56 MHz Ultra Stable Oil-Dielectric RF Termination
115 VAC Blower Assembly is a general purpose, 50 ohm, coaxial transmission line termination, useful as a standby reject load or dummy load. It provides accurate, dependable and low reflection line termination over a frequency range of DC—20 MHz. Up to 15,000 watts can be dissipated.

The loads have a coolant chamber surrounded by radiator fins. The front and rear fins form mounting flanges which can be used as supports for freestanding use or as brackets for fixed mounting. A vent plug at the top of the unit relieves internal pressure from coolant expansion and a blower assembly with three axial fans that line the bottom of the load.

8941-115SC13, 15 kW Ultra Stable RF Termination
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Oil-Dielectric RF Termination Load
Power Rating
15 KW
Frequency Range and VSWR
DC to 20 MHz at 1.15:1 max
Impedance Ω
50 (nominal)
VSWR Stability
< 0.1 dB, from 0 to 100% rated power at stability frequency
Stability Frequency
7/16 DIN (F)
Interlock Thermoswitch - Optional
Thermoswitch Rating
Temperature Range
Operating: +5 to +40 °C (+41 to +104 °F)
Storage: – 40 to +45 °C (– 40 to +113 °F)
1520 m (5000 ft.)
95% noncondensing max.
Cooling Method
115 VAC fan
43" x 9.5" x 33.4"
1092 x 241 x 847 mm
236 lbs.
107 kg
Black Powder Coat
PMX-200, Silicone Oil