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4273 Series

1.5-35 MHz, Variable RF Signal Samplers

4273 Series, Variable Signal Samplers are low frequency couplers the 1.5 to 35 MHz band and offers a sample that ranges form 40- to 70 dB below the main power level. The 4273 produces an un-rectified, non-directional sample at the BNC port that is adjustable. Once adjusted, the setting can be locked in place. The main power connectors are Bird® QC type.

Model Selections
Model Connectors
4273 None
4273-020 (N) Male/Female
product specifications:
Item No
4273 Series
Item Name
1.5 MHz to 35 MHz, Variable RF Signal Sampler
Power Ratings
5 kW max
Frequency Range
1.5 MHz to 35 MHz
Impedance Ω
Insertion VSWR
N Connectors 1.07 max
0.1 dB max.
Adjustable within ±177 3 dB
Temperature Range
-40 to +45° (-40 to +113°)
QC Type
Bright Silver Plate
2-51/64 in x 2-7/8 in x 1-1/4 in (L x W x D)
71 mm x 73 mm x 32 mm
10 oz. (280 g)