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ANT Series

Field Strength RF Antennas

ANT Series, RF Antennas are the leading edge in modern antenna technology. The fully molded design produces an ultra-tough antenna ready for severe handling and weather conditions.

  • Tough OEM-formula polyurethane (PU) fully molded antenna covering to withstand extremes in temperature, shock and humidity
  • Hard-drawn steel and three mil copper clad helical radiators for high performance
  • Bronze-coated whips for high conductivity
  • Mechanically connected and soldered construction

4240-500-10, RF Adapter may be required when installing ANT Series Antennas on some Bird products

Model Selections
Model # Freq. Range Connectors Length Type
ANT-100 136-221 MHz SMA (M) Exended Base 8" Helical - Standard - 1/4 Wave [Field Tunable]
ANT-400 400-512 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6" Whip - Standard - 1/4 Wave [Field Tunable]
ANT-800 824-894 MHz SMA 9" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-900 890-960 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 8" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-1800 1710-1880 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6.5" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-1900 1850-1990 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6.5" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-2400 2400-2500 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 3.5" Center Fed Dipole
product specifications:
Item No
ANT Series
Item Name
Field Strength Antennas
SMA (M) Flush Base
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compatible devices - Compatible Devices:
Adapter, N(F) to N(F)