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1500-WA Series
1500 Watt RF Attenuators
1500-WA Series

1.5kW, Uni-Directional RF Attenuator

1500-WA Series, 1500 Watt RF Power Attenuators are a valuable and reliable accessory for reducing power levels, for isolating components under test, for harmonic signal analysis, and as comparison standards. They are world renowned for their high-quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings.

  • Frequencies up to 2.4 GHz.
  • Fully shielded against production of extraneous radiation.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Broadband operation.
  • Other attenuation values may be available upon request.

Model Nomenclature

Power Ratings
Product Type
Connector Gender
Attentuation Value
1500 Watt
M/F - Male/Female
F/F - Female/Female
N - N
E - 7/16 DIN
10 - 10 dB
20 - 20 dB
30 - 30 dB


Example: 1500-WA-MFN-10 (1500 Watt, WA Series, Male/Female N Connector, 10 dB)

**Call or Request Information below for custom connector options not shown
***Attenuators 1000 W and Above are not available on attenuation values less than 10 dB

1500 Watt RF Attenuators
1500-WA Series
product specifications:
Item No
1500-WA Series
Item Name
1500 Watt Uni-Directional RF Attenuators
Power Rating
1500 W
7/16 DIN, N
VSWR and Frequency Range
1.10:1 from DC to 1 GHz
1.25:1 from 1 to 2.4 GHz
Coolant Method
Dry, Convection Cooled
Impedance Ω
50 Ohms
Operating Position
Ambient Temperature
-40°C to 40°C
-110 dBc Min.
AC Power
115/203V AC Inputs
95% non-condensing
Standard Attenuation Values
10, 20, 30 dB
Dimensions-- L x W x H
20.4” x 10.7” x 5.9”
519 x 272 x 150 mm
30.0 lbs.
13.6 kg
Black Anodized Aluminum