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Digital Power Meter Display

Bird's 5000-NG RF Power Meter Display is the ultimate solution for power measurement with automatic sensor detection. This advanced handheld meter revolutionizes RF power meter testing, providing accurate and effortless data collection and display on its high-resolution touch screen. Whether you're in the field or lab, the 5000-NG makes reviewing data a breeze.


  1. High-resolution 8" color touch screen display for worry-free field use
  2. Automatic sensor detection compatible with over 12 supported Bird field sensors
  3. Extended battery life of up to 48 hours for prolonged use
  4. 5.0 Megapixel camera for documenting equipment serial numbers and model numbers
  5. Tried and true power measurement with simple set-up
  6. Data logging, numerical & graphics display for comprehensive analysis
  7. Easy data transfer via USB or WiFi connectivity
When paired with a Bird Power Sensor, the 5000-NG enables quick and accurate measurements of various parameters, including:
  • True Average Power (Forward and Reflected)
  • VSWR, Return Loss, rho, Match Efficiency
  • Peak Power, Peak to Average Ratio, Crest Factor, PEP
  • Burst and Burst Average Power
  • CDF, CCDF, Confidence %
  • IEEE 194 Pulse Parameters
  • Sensor Temperature

Experience RF power testing like never before with the 5000-NG RF Power Meter Display. Its portable, lightweight design and user-friendly interface ensure fast learning for technicians, saving valuable time and boosting productivity. Upgrade to the 5000-NG and unlock a new level of power measurement capabilities.

(Note: The 5000-NG RF Power Meter Display replaces the 5000-XT Digital Power Meter)

product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Digital Power Meter Display
Frequency Range
2 MHz to 6 GHz with external power sensors (not included)

Key Measurements
True Average Power (Forward and Reflected), VSWR, Return Loss, rho, Match Efficiency, Peak Power, Peak to Average Ratio, PEP, Crest Factor, Burst and Burst Average Power, CDF, CCDF, Confidence %, IEEE 194 Pulse Parameters, Sensor Temperature
Display: Full-Color 8” 1280 x 800-pixel display w/backlight
Operating System: Android 5.1
Languages: English
Storage: 16 GB
Data Transfer: USB drive, PC, WiFi, or Bluetooth
Type: Rechargeable, 3.7 V/6200 mAh lithium battery
Life (display in sleep mode)
24 hrs. continuous usage w/5012 Series or 7022 sensors, 48 hrs. continuous usage w/all other sensors
Charge Time: 6 hours typical
Recommended Calibration Interval: No calibration required (sensor calibration recommended)
Power Supply
AC: 100 to 240 V / 50-60 Hz
DC: 5V/2.5 A
Upgradeability: Firmware field-upgradable via USB port
Additional Functions: Data logging, numerical & graphing display
Sensor Detection: Automatic USB Sensors
WiFi 802.11 Network scan for ACMI, BPME & CPM
USB: Micro USB PC interface & charging and Standard USB power sensor interface
Compatible Sensors
See Compatible Devices below or Datasheet for more information
Operating: -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)
Storage: -20 °C to 80 °C (-4 °F to 176 °F)

Altitude: Up to 15,000 ft (4,572 m)
CE, RoHs
Size: 9.2" x 6.3" x 1.1" (233 x 160 x 28 mm)
Weight: 1.3 lb (0.59 kg)
Power Monitoring Solutions
3141, Radio System Monitoring
BPME, Broadcast Power Monitoring
Standard Accessories
5V Charger (US/International), 6' USB SeaLatch Cable, 6' USB Cable, Premium Carry Case, Stylus, Manual
Optional Accessories
Protective Rubber Boot, Impact-Resistant Screen Protector
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