• Mission Critical - Public Safety In-Building Communication Systems

    Posted 01/11/2021 by Bird RF Engineer

    Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time.  The challenge is to find a solution for maintaining communication in these difficult environments.  To add complexity to the problem, these solutions need to work for any agency that could possibly enter the building and needs to be able to communicate inside.  And each of these agencies uses different frequencies for communication and may even operate on different frequency bands.

  • Model 43 in a Mismatched Line

    Posted 01/09/2020 by Bird RF Engineer

    One of the most common questions which our readers have asked regarding the use of our model 43 THRULINE wattmeter concerns the change in conditions when the “43” is removed from the line after adjustments to their equipment are completed.

  • 50-T-MN-3R00, 50 Watt Calibrated Mismatch RF Load

    RF Termaline Loads

    Posted 07/09/2019 by Bird RF Engineer

    We make loads of loads! From low-level laboratory loads to high-power loads, air-cooled and water-cooled loads, pulse loads and continuous signal loads, we make them all. So, it’s safe to say we’ve got the low-down on loads!

  • 43, General Purpose RF Wattmeter

    RF Thruline Wattmeter

    Posted 06/01/2019 by Bird RF Engineer

    Common questions answered on how the Bird Wattmeter works.

  • 2-6A-Series, 2 Watt RF Attenuators

    Wanted: The Perfect Impedance

    Posted 05/01/2019 by Bird RF Engineer

    We will explore why 50 ohms has become the integer-of-choice in the US as well as the math behind this decision.



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