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X-COM Systems


X-COM System's RF Streaming Solutions offer scalable, high-speed, continuous capture and storage solutions. Their portable design allows for use as an RF signal recorder in both laboratory and field testing environments.

Our systems record spectrum from DC to 50 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 1 GHz. X-COM's high-resolution long duration RF signal storage and re-creation capabilities can dramatically increase the power of your spectrum analyzers and vector signal generators from many test & measurement industry leaders.

RF Record & Playback Systems

RF Record and Playback System can meet recording needs from HF to millimeter wavelengths in mission-critical applications.

IQC Accessories

Optional accessories for IQC Series, RF Record and Playback Systems

Signal Analysis and Editing Software

Valuable Signal Analysis and RF Editing tools for system and test engineers developing and analyzing conventional and AESA radar, ELINT, SIGINT, ECM, ESM, multi-channel communications, telemetry, and MIMO systems.