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Bird Brings All Products under the Bird Brand

Solon, Ohio - January 2017

Bird continues to set the industry standard in RF communications with its latest response to the growing requirements worldwide for integrated systems. Beginning in January, Bird is aligning its entire array of products under the Bird brand.  

The company starts 2017 with a keen focus on marketing all of its products under the Bird brand as the reliable, trusted and recognizable choice for customers. The branding move capitalizes on the momentum that has ensued over the past 75 years since J. Raymond Bird founded the company and jumpstarted the RF communications industry.

“Bringing all of our products and services under the Bird flag will help us better serve our customers, many of whom already buy across our diverse product lines,” said President Mark Johnson. “We are making it more efficient and convenient for our customers because they can rely on the Bird brand as their one-stop shop from coverage solutions, off air testing, radio infrastructure, and directive power sensor systems to test and measurement solutions products.”

The Bird brand today reaches out from the company’s four divisions across market segments such as governments, universities, office buildings, hospitals, tunnels, residential, airports, sports arenas, public safety, military, cellular coverage/capacity enhancements of enterprise and large venue facilities.

Bird is vertically integrated to fulfill its mission as the RF experts. The company designs, manufactures, and services products and systems that set the industry standard in RF communications.

The Bird reputation was earned through decades of innovation. More than 50 patents are registered under the Bird brand and in 2016 the company sold Bird products in 143 of the world’s 195 countries.   

“We are proud of the role we have achieved as the trusted first choice across our diverse set of markets,” Johnson said. “Bringing all of our products under the Bird brand, including those we gained as a result of recent acquisitions, is our dedicated response to the trust and loyalty bestowed by our valued customers.”

Following the acquisition of DeltaNode, X-COM Systems and TX RX Systems, Bird continues to advance the products and services that joined the family.

“With a marketplace as complex as ours, we recognize there are customers who may come to us for one product, but very likely need other solutions, as well,” Johnson said.

For instance, he said, large arena and stadium complexes require as much as a terabyte of data service for a multitude of RF communications. “In the new super stadiums that are being built, game day might find as many as 4,000 public safety radios in operation, with tens of thousands of fans texting and using social media,  as well as a myriad other operations are reliant on RF communications.”

Products in the expanding Bird brand are essential in today’s wireless-intensive environments. Bird products are used to make people’s lives better and safer. Some recent examples of growth for the Bird brand include applications for semi-conductor OEMS, in calibration systems for MRI equipment, mission-critical communications infrastructure applications for public safety, military electronic warfare support, and cellular coverage and capacity enhancements for enterprise and large venue applications.

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