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Reliable Wireless Broadband Coverage

It is estimated that some of the busiest airports in the world, such as New York's JFK and London's Heathrow, service more than 30 million international travelers each year, most of which will be carrying some kind of wireless data device with them while at the terminal.

Signal Booster II + Series RF Repeaters

With such heavy data demands within the same enclosed geographical space, it is no surprise airports will take the number one spot in terms of investment and priority in any wireless broadband or service provider coverage and capacity list. Especially when so many roamers will hit the provided airwaves daily, which yields in added premium charges to those providers.

Bird's flexibility and design of its Distributed Antenna Systems allows wireless carriers and broadband operators to easily update, reconfigure and direct traffic resources when and where they need it most: from a single terminal and baggage claim to a whole airline hub. Travel happy - we have you covered.

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