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Dual Meter - Dual Element and Sampler Port, Panel-Mount RF Wattmeter

The 4527 RF Wattmeter is tailored for 2-way mobile applications in the 2-512 MHz range. The panel is configured with dual meters and element sockets. These features let you determine VSWR more precisely using a more sensitive reflected power element and simultaneously read forward and reflected power. In addition, an variable RF probe provides a low power sample of the signal being measured and is available at a female BNC connector on the front panel, along with a control knob for adjustment.

The sampled output can be connected to any RF signal monitoring device such as a frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, or oscilloscope. Select elements up to 1000 watts form 2-200 MHz and up to 500 watts from 200-512 MHz. This model is not recommended for use in the antenna line of combined transmitter systems due to the risk inter-modulation product generation. Consult the factory for appropriate combined transmitter monitoring products.

product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Dual Meter, 2 to 512 MHz with Sampler Port
Power Range
100 mW to 1000 W using Bird® Plug-in Elements
Frequency Range
2 to 512 MHz (depending on element)
Insertion VSWR
with N Connectors 1.05 max. to 512 MHz
± 5% of full scale
RF Sample Output
Fixed at -53 dB from 512 MHz to 10 MHz
decreasing to -70 dB at 2 MHz BNC (Female) port
QC Type N (F) normally supplied
Gray Powder Coat
(W x H x D)
19 in x 5.22 in x 1.69 in
(483 mm x 133 mm x 43 mm)
3.5 lbs.(1.6 kg)
2 to 512 MHz models with Tables 1, 2, 6
Quoted accuracy only when used with other Bird® Products.
compatible devices:
Table 1 - Standard Elements
7/8" Line Section - Standard Elements
Table 2 - Low Power Elements
7/8" Line Section - Low Power Elements
Table 6 - Milliwatt Elements
7/8" Line Section - Milliwatt Elements