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Bird RF Meter App
Bird RF Meter App
Bird RF Meter App

Android RF Meter App for Bird Power Sensors

The Bird RF Meter enables your Android phone to become a power meter capable of connecting to Bird RF Power Sensors.

Ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to make power measurements anywhere they go. The RF Meter’s mobile interface has an intuitive menu-driven design making it easy to use on your own phone and enables users to set up a Bird sensors with the appropriate configurations, correction factors, offsets, zeroing calibration along with a selection of element types. The app also includes the ability to enable smoothing level for more stable readings or max hold to detect the maximum measured power.

  • Automatically detects sensor and opens the application.
  • Identifies multiple sensors and saves session information.
  • Displays only the information appropriate to sensor indicated.
  • Works with following Bird USB field sensors: 4042, 4043, 4044, 4045, 5012D, 5014, 5015, 5015-EF, 5016D, 5017D, 5018D, 5019D, 7020, 7022, 3141 Channel Power Monitor, ACM Series, BPME Series.
  • Digital Display function, bar and time graphing and logging capabilities.
  • Share results directly to messaging, email or WiFi printer.
  • Plug and Play in Seconds
  • Displayable Parameters (sensor dependent): True Average Power (Forward and Reflected), VSWR, Return Loss, rho, Match Efficiency, Peak Power, Peak to Average Ratio, Crest Factor, PEP, CDF, CCDF, Confidence %, Burst and Burst Average Power, IEEE 194 Pulse Parameters, Sensor temperature.
  • Supports Android 10
  • Fix 5012 Zero cal issue
  • Improve graceful sensor re-connection after accidental disconnection
System Requirements:
  • Android version 4.0.3 or higher
  • Hardware must support On-The-Go (OTG) host functionality

Download below or from Google Play Store Click here.

Bird RF Meter App
Bird RF Meter App
product specifications:
Item No
Bird RF Meter App
Item Name
RF Meter App
compatible devices:
BPME Series
Broadcast RF Power Monitors