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BNA1000, 20 GHz
BNA1000, 20 GHz
BNA1000, 20 GHz

Accuracy Meets Agility for VNA Testing

For manufacturing and RF engineers who prioritize precision and versatility in design and production, we provide the BNA1000 Modular Vector Network Analyzer. This analyzer uniquely combines the detailed analysis capabilities of a benchtop unit with the adaptability required for diverse manufacturing and R&D environments.

Exceeding the constraints of typical lab-focused analyzers and the restricted capabilities of portable models, the BNA1000 offers a broad dynamic range and rapid measurement speed that superbly caters to the diverse requirements of both manufacturing and RF engineering. This ensures a seamless transition from design to production, enhancing both innovation and efficiency.

Key Performance Specifications

  • 2-port, 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz S-parameter measurements
  • > 125 dB dynamic range
  • -50 to +10 dBm output power
  • 0.002 dB RMS trace noise
  • 42 us/point fast measurement speed
  • Time Domain analysis with Gating
  • User interface software included


  • Manufacturing Test
  • Passive/Active Component Characterization
  • RF & Microwave Product Design
  • Filter Design and Testing
  • Fault Location
  • Antenna Tuning
  • Quality Control and Incoming Inspection

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BNA1000, 20 GHz
BNA1000, 20 GHz
product specifications:
Item No
BNA1000, 20 GHz
Item Name
Modular Vector Network Analyzer
Frequency Range
1 MHz to 20 GHz
Dynamic Range
125 dB typ. (1 MHz to 8 GHz)
120 dB, typ. (8 MHz to 12 GHz) )
118 dB, typ.129 dB (12 GHz to 18 GHz)
115 dB, typ.128dB (18 GHz to 20 GHz)
Output Power
-30 dBm to +10 dBm
Measurement Points
2 to 20001
Measurement Time Per Point
70 μs
Trace Noise
8 mdB rms (IFBW=3 kHz)
Effective Directivity
38 to 44 dB