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New Additions to the CPM Family- MORE FLEXIBILITY

Solon, OH - April 2022

Bird developed the Channel Power Monitor (CPM) Solution to specifically address the complexity of land mobile radio system management. The Bird CPM system integrates powerful, high-quality, power monitoring equipment into a single reporting system capable of providing feedback through the internet via integrated web software or SNMP messages.  These products provide continuous monitoring of radio performance, combiner loss and antenna/feedline characteristics to identify and alarm critical changes.

There are cases where you need to monitor the health of your system but do not have a large combining system with many channels or can’t justify a complete CPM system for only one or two radios. 

Bird’s latest additions give you that great flexibility and all the powerful features of our CPM unit, designed into a small compact sensor that communicates through an ethernet protocol.  

The 4043E Series utilizes an RJ-45 Ethernet built-in connection to connect directly to the internet or private IP network. Frequency range includes 7 bands between 118 and 940 MHz and provides composite power readings with an accuracy of +/-5%.

Or choose the 4042E Sensor where the frequency range between 100 and 1000 MHz provides composite power readings at channel bandwidth’s 6.25,12.5, or 25 kHz selectable. Sensor monitors antenna failure and radio output simultaneously providing in-line directional RF total power by user specific channel lists.

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