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New Aviation RF Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Solon, OH - August 2020

Bird, recognized leader in RF communications, measurement and new technologies, is releasing the FlightHawk Aviation RF Cable and Antenna Analyzer into the Aviation market.

Commercial, corporate and general aviation aircraft utilize numerous radio frequency (RF) systems, such as TCAS (Total Collision Avoidance System). Currently, if these RF systems are not functioning, the operators replace parts without testing/diagnosing the problem.  Airplane OEMs, such as Boeing, are working to move operators toward proactive maintenance. In order to achieve proactive maintenance, operators must equip their maintenance crews with tools allowing them to quickly and accurately diagnose a problem.

Bird’s FlightHawk RF Cable and Antenna Tester is a frequency domain reflectometer (FDR). It allows for testing and verification of antenna and cabling of radio frequency (RF) systems. It can test for Return Loss/Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Distance to Fault (DTF) in true units of length, and cable loss (or insertion loss). Its display is touchscreen and based on the Android operating system.

FH-AV-KIT Aviation Test Kit offers an intuitive user experience for both experienced and beginner RF maintenance crews. Technicians can locate RF cable, connector and antenna problems at the source with clear visual indicators as to the pass/fail status of the system. It provides all necessary adaptors for interfacing to aircraft RF systems & cabling including direct connection into LRU backplanes. 

Bird’s specifically designed case takes FOD, foreign object damage; seriously, and our new case ensures that all equipment and tools are in their place after any maintenance activities.

This comprehensive kit minimizes downtime, covers frequency ranges of 1MHz to 6GHz, includes everything needed to perform RF tests on aircraft and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

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