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Try Then Buy - SignalHawk Handheld Spectrum Analyzers!

Try Bird's 6 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer for FREE!

Bird's SignalHawk™ series of portable RF Spectrum Analyzers offers powerful features at an exceptional price point – starting at $7,730. For a limited time, try one of Bird's NEW 6 GHz SH-60S spectrum analyzers for free!

Spectrum Analysis at your Fingertips!

  • Predefined measurements that scan and discover spectrum events that other analyzers miss.
  • Angle of Arrival measurement triangulates location of interferer.
    See Model SH-60S-AOA
  • Occupied Bandwidth, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio measurements.
  • Spectrum Masking, Limit Lines, FM Demodulation included.

Try Then Buy Program Details

  • A Bird SH-60S demo unit will be shipped to you, at no charge. Evaluate the analyzer and then after five business days, return the demo unit to Bird.
  • By participating in the program, you will receive a 10% discount to purchase a new SignalHawk™ analyzer or analyzer kit.
  • The discount must be used within 30 days of participating in the program.
  • Contact Bird to start the Try-Then-Buy program today.
  • Limited supply, USA only.

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