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SiteHawk SK-TC Series, Antenna and Cable Analyzers
Cable and Antenna Testers
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Rugged Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzers

Locate RF cable, connector & antenna problems at the source

SiteHawk™ Cable and Antenna analyzers are the fastest, most cost effective solution to quickly identify failing RF cables, connectors and antennas. The handheld testers offer measurements that include precision return loss vs. frequency, return loss vs. distance, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements.

SiteHawk™ analyzers help novice and expert users alike find problems before they become time-consuming, expensive repairs.

The underlying engine of SiteHawk products is a simple 1-port network analyzer that delivers powerful features:

  • Frequency range up to 6000 MHz
  • Built-in cable data minimizes time required to perform a distance-to-fault test
  • Testing RF antennas and cables at the frequency of operation provides a clear indication of performance
  • Measuring slight changes in impedance will help uncover passive intermodulation distortion and adjacent channel power problems for digitally modulated signals
  • Test your system without shutting down other site transmitters
  • Reliable measurements even in a very high ambient RF energy environment
  • Transfer files wirelessly from the Bluetooth-enabled SiteHawk™ to other devices or laptops
  • USB communication port for connection to storage device and battery charging
  • Three Year Warranty

Advantages of Frequency Domain Reflectometry

  • Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) measurements are sensitive to RF problems and accurately identifies the return loss of the antenna
  • Using Return Loss, identify problems, such as moisture collection or antennas damaged by lightning, at the top of the tower
  • Fault location or DTF mode indicates VSWR or Return Loss levels at each point along the cable and antenna system length
  • FDR technology is used to identify very small changes in RF impedance versus distance
SiteHawk SK-TC Series, Antenna and Cable Analyzers
Cable and Antenna Testers
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Item No
Item Name
Frequency Range
Frequency Resolution
Frequency Accuracy
SiteHawk, Antenna and Cable Analyzer
1 – 4500 MHz
±2.5×10-6 @25 °C
SiteHawk, Antenna and Cable Analyzer
1 – 6000 MHz
±2.5×10-6 @25°C
Cable and Antenna Test Kit
Antenna Tester
2 - 520 MHz
20 kHz
± 50 kHz