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SCC7 Series
SCC7 Series, Calibration Cart
SCC7 Series

Lab Grade Calibration Cart, Single RF Power Sensor

SCC7 Series, Calibration Carts are designed for immediate, effortless use. Each unit has three primary components: the 4421 Multifunction Power Meter for displays RF power; the 4020, 4027A and 4027F Series Power Sensors are highly accurate sensors for measuring RF power without requiring calibration or external couplers or attenuators; and low reflection 50 Ohm loads that can dissipate 1 kW to 10 kW max. These components are installed on a cart for easy transportation and connected so that the only setup required is connecting AC and RF power.

  • High return loss ensures minimal power measurement error contribution
  • Available in international and domestic versions
  • Turnkey RF Measurements
  • Designed for easy transportation and effortless use
  • Service plans available with Bird Service Center

Note: See datasheet for build options

SCC7 Series, Calibration Cart
SCC7 Series
product specifications:
Item No
SCC7 Series
Item Name
Calibration Cart
Power Levels
1, 2.5, 5, 10 kW
4421, RF Power Meter
RF Sensor Options
4020 Series or 4027A Series (see datasheet)
RF Load Options
8251, 8890-300, 8921, 8931-115, 8931-230 (see datasheet)
Impedance Ω
50 Ohm
Frequency Range
4020 Sensors: 100 KHz - 1000 MHz
4027A Sensors: 250 KHz - 65 MHz
4020 Series RF Sensor Accuracy
±3% across power and frequency range
4027A Series RF Sensor Accuracy
s ±1% at calibration frequency and power levels
±2% over remainder of power range, and at other than calibration frequencies
Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Customer Specified
For connector options, please refer to our catalog or contact sales at 866.695.4569 or
Ambient: 0° to 45°C (For 10kW 0°C to +40°C)
Storage: -20 to +70°C
85% (max), non condensing
Load derated above 5,000 feet
Operating Position
Vertical only
Stainless steel cart with (4) locking swivel casters
Size and Weight
(L x W x H)
5kW & 10kW: 52” x 20” x 42” (250 lbs. Fully assembled)
1kW & 2.5kW: 42” x 20” x 42” (175 lbs. Fully assembled)
Applicable Standards
compatible devices:
4020 Series
3% Accurate, Directional Power Sensors
4027A Series
1% Accurate, Precision Directional Power Sensors