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Highly accurate power measurement for laboratory and semiconductor production processes

Bird Laboratory Grade RF Products range from our 4020 Series RF power sensors capable of 3% accuracy to the advanced 4027 Series RF power sensors capable of 1% accuracy. These highly accurate sensors have also been integrated into turnkey calibration carts that integrate all the components required to measure, display and dissipate power from RF delivery systems. Even more sophisticated systems, the VIP and BDS have been developed to not only measure voltage and current but also the phase relationships between them to enable a higher degree of insight into modern, complex semiconductor processes.

Diagnostic Systems
Semiconductor RF delivery systems require the most accurate and precise measurement of power, whether at the output of the RF generator, or at the input to the process reactor. 
Calibration Carts
Calibration Carts are suitable for use in a clean room environment and is equipped with four swivel casters for maximum maneuverability.
Power Meters
Precision Power Meters for Semiconductor Processing Applications
Precision RF Power Sensors

Bird RF Laboratory Sensors have been depended upon for decades to provide highly accurate power measurement of laboratory and semiconductor production processes. Ranging from the 4020 Series sensors capable of 3% accuracy to the more advanced 4027 Series sensors capable of 1% accuracy.

Precision Pulse Sensor

These Bird sensors are capable of 1% accuracy measurements of the gated power within a pulsed waveform