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XBER-4 Tester
XBER-4 Tester

NTDS Serial Switch Bit-Error Rate Tester

The XBER-4 Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) Type E Serial Switch Bit-Error Rate Tester (BERT) tests the quality of transparent switch channels.

The rackmountable FX-4S provides system managers with unprecedented design flexibility to interconnect remote equipment as if it were located in the same laboratory. The unit is designed to cost-effectively meet the unique needs of today's NTDS development, evaluation, and training environments.

  • Accurate - 50 Ohm impedance maintained through entire signal path to eliminate reflections & voltage fluctuation
  • Full Data Rate - Simultaneous full data rate operation on all Low Level Serial (LLS) channels
  • Powerful - Performs direct measurement of the actual biterror rate on LLS channels
  • Thorough - Independently tests all four data paths associated with each NTDS LLS channel
  • Easy to Operate - Front-panel controls including reset, BERT On/ Off, channel select, LCD backlight illumination and Packet/Bit mode selects
  • Easy to Understande- Plain-language status and results display using two 20-character x 4-line LCDs
  • Rack Mountable - Ruggedized 2U chassis fits into any standard 19" rack
  • Viewable NTDS Signal - Front-panel test points provide access to the NTDS signal lines for detailed analysis
XBER-4 Tester
product specifications:
Item No
XBER-4 Tester
Item Name
Type E Serial Switch Bit-Error Rate Tester
MIL-STD-1397C Type E
3 ½" (2U) H x 15 ½" D x 19" W (19" rack mount)
Approx. 10 lbs.
Standard IEC 115 VAC
Front Panel