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6150-ALM-02, Fiber Fed NFPA Alarm Panel

Fiber Fed NFPA Compliant Alarm Panel

Mission Critical Reliability for In-building Coverage

NFPA paragraph states that a dedicated alarm panel shall be provided within the fire command center to annunciate the status of all RF emitting devices and system component locations. The monitoring panel shall provide visual and labeled indications of the alarms.

The 6150-ALM-02 NFPA Fiber Fed Alarm Panel will provide the required alarms for all remote units and head end units in a single alarm panel. Up to 4 head end units and 16 remotes can be displayed on one screen and it will automatically scroll if there are more nodes in the system. The alarm panel will show a visual display of all the alarms and provide dry contact outputs if any component in the system is in alarm. The alarm panel is also capable of adding other alarms if NFPA adds more to their requirements.

The Bird fiber fed booster alarm panel will receive alarms and power through a direct connection via Ethernet Cable to the head end booster. If the booster has a battery back-up, the alarm panel will have battery back-up through the Power over Ethernet connection and continue to operate as long as the booster does.

The alarm panel will monitor the integrity of the connection between the booster and the alarm panel and provide an alarm if the alarm status is not being received.

6150-ALM-02, Fiber Fed NFPA Alarm Panel
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Fiber Fed NFPA Alarm Panel
Input: Ethernet
Outputs: Form C Dry contacts
Display: LCD
Alarms Displayed:
AC Power Failure
Battery Charger Failure Battery
<30% remaining
Donor Antenna Failure
Booster Failure
Alarm Summary
Communications Link
Input: Power over Ethernet through the alarm input cable (POE injector included)
Output: 25 Pin D-Sub
Input: RJ45
Temperature Range
0 to +50° C
Enclosure -- Finish
NEMA 4 (Red)
8.5” x 8.75” x 5.2”
4.5 lbs