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Optical Splitter Panel

A wide variety of optical splitting options are available to split the optical signal off of the Optical Splitter Panel to several different remote units.

Where the system optical link budget and available fiber allows, the optical splitter panels can be used to reduce the number of FOIs used in a particular system.

  • Wavelength: 1270-1610 dB
  • Optical Return Loss: >70 dB
  • Loss: 1:2 <3.8 dBo / 1:4 <6.8 dBo
  • Connectors: SC/APC
  • Height: 1 RU
  • Width: 19” Rack mount
  • Weight: 3kg/6.6 lbs
Model Number Optical Splitters
DOS401 1 x 1:4 optical splitters
DOS402 2 x 1:4 optical splitters
DOS404 4 x 1:4 optical splitters
DOS406 6 x 1:4 optical splitters
DOS201 1 x 1:2 optical splitters
DOS202 2 x 1:2 optical splitters
DOS204 4 x 1:2 optical splitter
DOS208 8 x 1:2 optical splitters


*Custom combinations also available

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Optical Splitter Panels