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Reliable Wireless Enterprise Communications

The office business sector has changed dramatically when it comes to mobile wireless communications inside buildings and high rises. “Always On, Always Connected” wireless phone service is not only a necessity for residential and high rise tenants, but also for office and enterprise businesses.

In fact, the mobile phone has become such an indispensable part of everyday use that its availability indoors becomes a powerful business selling point. Building owners and investors in cities such as Chicago and New York demand DAS specifications as part of any new build or structure update, while Wireless Service Providers welcome those opportunities to serve their clients indoors.

Signal Booster II + Series RF Repeaters

Moreover, Public Safety and First Responder’s access to such hard to reach places means their wireless communications devices must work indoors, at all times. Strict new national and municipal building codes for residential and office buildings have placed an even higher need for Distributed Antenna Systems to deliver these services indoors 24/7.

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