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Reliable Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems for the Government and Military

Government workers and officials have recognized the great value of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), not only as an enhancer of wireless services inside government buildings, public offices and federal landmarks, but also as a provider of advanced telecommunications services for all citizens.

In the U.S., for example the Federal Communications Commission's order 11-50 of 2011 redefined the use and regulation of utility power poles for Outdoor DAS antennas and nodes placement in order to promote competition and increase the availability of robust, affordable telecommunications and advanced services to consumers.

Signal Booster II + Series RF Repeaters

Such commitment to fast, efficient and affordable distributed wireless services is not exclusive to the United States, as all major world governments are building faster, stronger and more reliable Distributed Antenna Systems for public venues and infrastructure, all of which can be fulfilled with our Bird Coverage Enhancement solutions.

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