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Smart Hospitals. Smart Wireless Medical Telemetry Services

Reliable Communications for Healthcare

The days of ''paging-only'' services for doctors, surgeons and specialists in the healthcare sector are gone. With the introduction of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices, hospitals now can maintain direct two-way communications and data exchange with everyone inside the hospital.

Advances in wireless medical telemetry now gives a more efficient way for doctors and nurses to monitor patients, all thanks to small wireless sensors attached to patients and their ability to transmit vital signs information to a centralized, reliable wireless medical distributed system called WMTS, or Wireless Medical Telemetry Services.

In-Building Coverage System

As a response to the growing number of these systems and the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has allocated a portion of the RF spectrum for this new wireless medical distributed technology, and hospitals are quickly integrating it as part of their Distributed Antenna Systems architectures.

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