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Previous Webcasts


Triangulation with AOA | Bird SignalHawk

  • What is Angle of Arrival?
  • What are the applications of AoA?
  • How does it work?


Spectrum Analyzer Basics | Bird SignalHawk

  • What is a Spectrum Analyzer?
  • Key Terms & Analyzer Basics
  • What Measurements are used

rf-uncertainty     Webinar:

RF Power Measurement Uncertainty

  • Temperature
  • Linearity
  • Mismatch


Spectro-X Visualization Software for RF Interference Analysis

  • Signal analysis in time and frequency domains
  • Powerful search tools to parse recorded RF data
  • Case studies through live demonstration
  • Simultaneous visualization of up to four RF signal files

Waveform     Webinar:

RF Fundamentals

  • Frequencies and the RF Spectrum
  • What is Impedance?
  • VSWR and Return Loss
  • What is a dB and how is it used?

RF Interference Mitigation Strategies     Webinar:

RF Interference – Mitigation Strategies using Wideband Signal Recording

  • Long-duration RF Interference Testing
  • Tools for RF Interference Testing
  • Case Studies
  • Mitigation Strategies

RF Power Measurement Accuracy     Panel Discussion:

Pushing RF Power Measurement Accuracy to the Next Level - Insights into Calorimetry

  • What are the benefits of calorimetry?
  • What are some of the challenges?
  • How has Bird utilized calorimetry?

Analyzer Technician     Segment 1:

Cable & Antenna Measurement Basics

  • Solving the Problem - Key Measurements
  • RF Basics for Antenna System Troubleshooting
  • Key Features of a Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • Importance of Regular Calibration -Why and How

Analyzer Technician     Segment 2:

All About Distance to Fault Measurements

  • What is Distance to Fault?
  • Set Up for Distance to Fault
  • What do I need to know?
  • Tips and Best Practices