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Fast & Reliable Testing of Multiple Railway Systems

Bird RailHawk® Cable & Antenna Analyzer Kit

Dependable railway communications between drivers and signalers, increasing safety, reducing delays, and improving performance, provides a better experience for passengers.

Bird’s RailHawk RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer solution provides a complete railway kit that allows technicians to maintain high quality service networks in the railway industry. Designed to help novice and expert users, our easy-to-use analyzer finds problems before they become time-consuming, expensive repairs.


  • Determine if your GSM-R & LTE radio RF cables and antennas are the source of your problem.
  • Diagnose antenna and cable problems in fixed, track-side radio infrastructure, and on-board rolling stock.
  • Accurately pinpoint coaxial cable faults, minimizing downtime associated with removing furniture, panels, and bulkheads.
  • Early identification of degraded cable performance due to moisture ingress, permitting planned maintenance instead of emergency repairs.

Kit Includes:

    RailHawk Cable and Antenna Analyzer Kit

Efficient Train Operations

Avoid communication shortfalls, downtime, and expense. Quickly identify defective cables, connectors, and antennas to get rail communications systems back into service while minimizing or eliminating the expense of swapping components to fix your issue.