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3140A Series
3140 Series, TPM Display Panel
3140A Series

Transmitter RF Power Monitor Display

The 3140A Meter Panel is the standard display and power supply for TPM Series, Transmitter RF Power Monitors. The panel is available  in a 4 channel configuration and fits in a standard 2U rack. A a single 15V power supply is supplied with each panel providing power to multiple TPM RF monitors. The display supplies a visual indication of Forward and Reflected power being sampled by the inline TPM. Multiple TPM’s can be selected (only one per channel setting) to give the operator an overall condition of the transmitter system.

  • FWD/RFL Meter - Provides visual indication of measured power for selected TPM.
  • Meter Adjustment Pot - Provides full scale meter calibration.
  • Channel Selector - Select one of four connected TPM’s.
  • Power Button - Applies DC input power to panel meter.
  • Zero Calibrate Switch - Grounds pin 9 to Zero calibrate the selected TPM.
  • DB9 Connection - Interface connection to TPM’s. Provides power and Zero adjust to connected TPM’s. Receives TPM output to drive meters.
3140 Series, TPM Display Panel
3140A Series
product specifications:
Item No
3140A Series
Item Name
Transmitter Power Monitor Display Panels
3140A4: Supports up to 4 Transmitter RF Power Monitors
Two backlit analog meters. One displays forward power as measured on the selected TPM, the other displays reflected power. Which TPM’s readings are displayed on the meters is controlled by a switch on the front panel.
Power Requirements
Units are provided with Bird 5A2436 power supply. 5A2436 requires 115/230 Vac @ 50/60 Hz, < 1.0 A Panel requires 11 to 16 Vdc, < 1.0 A. Jack connector is compatible with 5A2436.
TPM Connectors: DB9(F), either 4 or 8 connectors on the back panel
DB9 Pinout: Same as TPM DB9 pinout
Panel Meters can be calibrated independently of the TPMs. There is one user‐adjustable pot for each meter.
Operating 0 to +50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Storage: –20 to +80 °C (–4 to +176 °F)
3,000 m | 10,000 ft. (max); above sea level
2.5 lbs (1.0 kg)
compatible devices:
TPM Series, Monitors
Transmitter Power Monitor