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Dual Meter - Dual Element, Panel-Mount RF Wattmeter

The 4526 RF Wattmeter is a dual-meter, two element socket unit. The second socket permits the use of a more sensitive element to measure reflected power and accurately determine VSWR. The dual meter configuration simultaneously displays forward and reflected power. It's designed for power measurement in CW and FM systems that employ 50-Ohm cable or 7/8" EIA transmission lines.

All models include a precision line section and either one or two 3-scale analog which give full-scale direct readings from 100 mW to 10 kW. The rack panel fits standard 19-inch equipment racks. Plug-In Elements, the same used in the Bird model 43, are sold separately. Depending on the element selected , the 4526 will cover frequencies form 0.45 to 2700 MHz. Measurement accuracy is ±5% of full scale.

product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Dual Meter - Dual Element, Panel-Mount Wattmeter
Power Range
100 mW to 10 kW using Bird® Plug-in Elements
Frequency Range
450 kHz to 1 GHz (depending on element)
Insertion VSWR
with N Connectors 1.05 max. to 1000 MHz
± 5% of full scale
QC Type - N (F) normally supplied
Gray Powder Coat
(W x H x D)
19 in x 5.22 in" x 1.69 in
(483 mm x 133 mm x 43 mm)
3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Quoted accuracy only when used with other Bird® Products. Applies only when coupling is less than 30 dB
compatible devices:
Table 1 - Standard Elements
7/8" Line Section - Standard Elements
Table 2 - Low Power Elements
7/8" Line Section - Low Power Elements
Table 3 - High Frequency Elements
7/8" Line Section - High-Frequency Elements, Entire Table ±8% FS
Table 4 - Low Frequency Elements
7/8" Line Section - Low Frequency Elements
Table 6 - Milliwatt Elements
7/8" Line Section - Milliwatt Elements