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ANT Series
ANT Series, Field Strength RF Antennas
ANT Series

Field Strength RF Antennas

ANT Series, RF Antennas are the leading edge in modern antenna technology. The fully molded design produces an ultra-tough antenna ready for severe handling and weather conditions.

  • Tough OEM-formula polyurethane (PU) fully molded antenna covering to withstand extremes in temperature, shock and humidity
  • Hard-drawn steel and three mil copper clad helical radiators for high performance
  • Bronze-coated whips for high conductivity
  • Mechanically connected and soldered construction

4240-500-10, RF Adapter may be required when installing ANT Series Antennas on some Bird products

Model Selections
Model # Freq. Range Connectors Length Type
ANT-100 136-221 MHz SMA (M) Exended Base 8" Helical - Standard - 1/4 Wave [Field Tunable]
ANT-400 400-512 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6" Whip - Standard - 1/4 Wave [Field Tunable]
ANT-800 824-894 MHz SMA 9" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-900 890-960 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 8" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-1800 1710-1880 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6.5" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-1900 1850-1990 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 6.5" Center Fed Dipole
ANT-2400 2400-2500 MHz SMA (M) Flush Base 3.5" Center Fed Dipole
product specifications:
Item No
ANT Series
Item Name
Field Strength Antennas
SMA (M) Flush Base
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compatible devices - Compatible Devices:
Adapter, N (F) to N (F)