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IQC91000A, RF Record and Playback System

Wideband Recording for Modern RF Signals

X-COM Systems

Next generation defense electronic systems occupy large information bandwidths to meet demanding mission requirements. Performance validation of these designs requires extensive testing on the bench, in the chamber and on the range to ensure system readiness prior to deployment.

IQC91000A, Record and Playback System was designed to record such modern waveforms and isolate anomalies that often occur during system integration and real-world validation testing. With its 12 bit fidelity, the IQC91000A can continuously record 90 minutes of 1000 MHz wide waveforms to ensure designers capture transient and unexpected events.

  • 1000 MHz IQ record and playback bandwidth
  • 1 GHz to 18 GHz frequency coverage, 26.5 GHz and 40 GHz option available
  • 90 minutes of continuous record and playback time
  • High-speed data offload for post-processing in MATLAB® as well as other popular VSA tools
  • Sophisticated triggers and markers to time-tag and geotag signal events
  • Eliminate gaps and only record signals of interest by leveraging gated trigger capability
IQC91000A, RF Record and Playback System
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
RF Record and Playback System
Center Frequency Tuning Range
1 to 18 GHz
Frequency Tuning Resolution
1 kHz
Maximum Record Bandwidth
1000 MHz @ 4 dB BW Decimated record bandwiths @ 500MHz, 250MHz and 125MHz
Record Sample Rate
3.2 GS/s | Resolution: 12 bits
Displayed Average Noise Level
(With 30 dB gain applied)
-160 dBm/Hz @ 1 GHz center frequency
-162 dBm/Hz @ 4 GHz center frequency
-160 dBm/Hz @ 10 GHz center frequency
-160 dBm/Hz @16 GHz center frequency
Spurious Free Dynamic Range
> 50 dB, 1 to 18 GHz, with 0 dB gain applied
Signal Playback
Differential Baseband analog I/Q
Playback Bandwidth
Bandwidth: 1000 MHz, 500 MHz for I and 500 MHz for Q
Sample Rate: 1.6 GS/s each I and Q
Resolution: 12 bits
Amplitude full scale
Full Scale: 500mVp-p differential
Flatness: +/- 2 dB, Across 1000 MHz bandwidth
compatible devices:
RF Signal Analysis Software
RF Editor
Graphical RF Signal Editing Software