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MPS-32 Switch
MPS-128 Matrix Switch System
MPS-32 Switch

NTDS Matrix Switch

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The MPS-32 Matrix Switch System features a flexible and scalable architecture which meets the needs of centrally or remotely located NTDS Type E Serial applications. Unlike a centrally-located large-system switching block, the MPS-32 enables network operators and test managers to design the best configuration to meet their switching needs. The scalable units make it possible to interconnect large tactical equipment co-located or remotely located into a non-blocking switching network.

The MPS-32 uses NTDS-to-Fiber technology, which multiplexes NTDS signals over fiber optic cables thereby eliminating the need for each channel to have individual copper lines between the switches. The MPS-32 provides low-latency as well as a transparent, non-blocking interconnection between any pair of devices. By regenerating 100% of the incoming signal, the MPS-32 ensures maximum data integrity. The switch system allows NTDS networks to be rapidly reconfigured using a PC or Master Switch Controller.

MPS-128 Matrix Switch System
MPS-32 Switch
product specifications:
Item No
MPS-32 Switch
Item Name
Matrix Switch System
4 MPS-32 Units
4 Fiber Optic CPU Cards
32 Line Cards
MIL-STD-1397C Type E
32, 64, 96, or 128
Standard IEC 115 VAC
PC or Master Switch Controller via RS-232
H x D x W
14" x 17" x 19" (8 RU - 19" rack mount)
40 lbs (approx.)