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Type E Serial, Fiber Optic Extender

X-COM Systems

The FX-4S Fiber Optic Extender provides a simple means to interconnect up to four Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) Type E Serial devices with other devices located up to 14 km apart. It provides seamless connectivity and a transparent interconnection between devices. By regenerating 100% of the incoming signal, the FX-4S ensures maximum data integrity.

The rackmountable FX-4S provides system managers with unprecedented design flexibility to interconnect remote equipment as if it were located in the same laboratory. The unit is designed to cost-effectively meet the unique needs of today's NTDS development, evaluation, and training environments.

  • Extended Range - NTDS devices, other FX-4S extenders, or XPS-32 switches up to 14 km away can communicate directly via fiber optic cables
  • Flexible Fiber-Link Options - Available in two configurations - a dedicated fiber pair per channel (four fiber pairs total) or with all four channels combined over a single fiber pair
  • Transparent - Provides transparent, long-range, low-latency, full 10 Mbps data rate simultaneous operation
  • Enables Remote Configurations - Equipment located in remote labs can be combined into new virtually co-located configurations
  • Low Maintenance - Modular design simplifies maintenance and increases reliability
  • Reliable- Patented signal processing algorithm and 100% signal regeneration ensures maximum data integrity in the demanding environments
product specifications:
Item No
MIL-STD-1397C Type E
Standard IEC 115 VAC
FX-4S Chassis: 3 ½" (2U) H x 15" D x 19" W "rack mount)
Approx. 15 lbs.