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RF Couplers

RF Couplers

Bird's RF Couplers are world renowned for their high-quality robust construction and are widely used for In-Building Applications.

Featured Products
  • DC-450/2700-50 Series, 450-2700 MHz Directional Couplers
  • PD-380-2700-200-3, 380-2700 MHz 3dB Hybrid Coupler
RF Couplers
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Item No
Item Name
Frequency Range
Insertion Loss
Directional Couplers
450-2700 MHz
DC-450/2700-50-4.8: 4.8 dB
DC-450/2700-50-6: 6 dB
DC-450/2700-50-7: 7 dB
DC-450/2700-50-10: 10 dB
DC-450/2700-50-20: 20 dB
DC-450/2700-50-4.8: ≦2.1 dB
DC-450/2700-50-6: ≦1.75 dB
DC-450/2700-50-7: ≦1.45 dB
DC-450/2700-50-10: ≦0.80 dB
DC-450/2700-50-20: ≦0.40 dB
3dB Hybrid Coupler
380-2700 MHz
3.0 dB
≤1.0 dB