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Mission Critical SBII+
Signal Booster II + Series RF Repeaters
Mission Critical SBII+

Mission Critical Reliability

The Signal Booster II+ from Bird provides Public Safety grade signal reliability and coverage in disadvantaged RF locations lacking in critical signal strength. Design innovations have delivered a light, compact design that provides more consistent and powerful signal coverage and amplification than ever before. New software capabilities provide critical local and remote status information allowing for real-time monitoring of critical systems.

Reliable RF coverage is gained in basements, parking garages, correctional facilities, courthouses, hospitals, malls and schools. Challenging environments covered by the Signal Booster II+ product include subways and rapid transit systems, airports, stadiums/arenas, high-rise buildings and large private enterprise facilities and campuses.

Signal Booster II + Series RF Repeaters
Mission Critical SBII+
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Item No
Item Name
Maximum Input Level
RF Sampler
Fiber Fed - UHF, 700, 800 MHz
Head End Unit
DL: 30-50 dB
UL: 35-80 dB

Remote Unit
DL: 35-80 dB
UL: 30-50 dB
Head End Unit: -20 dBm (max)
Remote Unit: -
Head End Unit: -
Remote Unit: 40 dB (typ)
UHF, 700, 800 MHz
80 dB | Range: +35 dB to +80 dB in 0.5 dB Steps
40 dB (typ)