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Coverage Products

Coverage and Capacity Enhancement

Whether it's for commercial wireless or public safety radio, traditional tower solutions for providing coverage and capacity only take you so far. Bringing those signals inside buildings, tunnels, and mines, or simply adding densification many times requires Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks consisting of Fiber DAS products, repeaters/signal boosters, as well as couplers, splitters, and antennas.

For over 35 years Bird has designed, manufactured, and sold distributed antenna system networks. Our current blend of products can support wireless voice and data services (GSM, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA, LTE) as well as other applications such as broadcast and public safety communications (FM, TETRA, P25).

Distributed Antenna System     Our products can also be utilized to transport other technologies including Gigabit Ethernet LAN, backhaul for small cells and WiFi, CPRI/OBSAI, as well as CCTV. Our complete product offering allows one stop shopping for the entire system from off-air repeaters/signal boosters and Fiber DAS to low PIM components. With thousands of units deployed across the world in diverse venues ranging from highways and tunnels to high rises and stadiums, Bird products can provide coverage and capacity wherever it is needed.


RF Signal Boosters

When a direct base station connection is not available, an alternative is to amplify a low level signal off the air into a building or other disadvantaged location.  Once amplified, the signals can be used to drive a passive coax and antenna system.

Fiber DAS
Supported frequencies include FM to 2.6 GHz all on a single fiber, including most any modulation scheme from P25 and Tetra to LTE.
Passive Components

Bird’s Passive Components complete our end to end DAS product offering.