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Bird FlightHawk® Cable & Antenna Analyzer Kit

Bird’s FlightHawk® RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer solution provides a comprehensive kit specifically designed for avionics testing and measurement. Designed to help novice and expert technicians, our all-in-one analyzer allows anyone on the maintenance team to test and verify all antenna systems & radio communications in the fleet quickly and easily.  Qualified experience not needed!


  • Locate opens, shorts, improper crimps, bends, moisture, loose connectors, and defective antenna elements that lead to weak or intermittent RF operations.
  • Utilize the FDR function to perform a VSWR test by transmitting a continuous RF sweep of the cables & antenna at their operating frequencies.
  • Easy to use handheld tester, enabling the user to configure a Go/No-Go test by using the Pass/Fail, Limit Line, and Marker tools. This option can be used for a Measure/Match or Distance to Fault sweep.
  • Identifies issues easily from the equipment rack, eliminating the need to disassemble the airplane to test the RF system.

Eliminate Accidental FOD

Bird’s specially designed case takes FOD, foreign object damage, seriously in airplane worksites. Our new case helps to ensure that all equipment and tools are in their place after any maintenance activities.

Kit Includes:

    FlightHawk Cable and Antenna Analyzer Kit Case

Avoid AOG

Move your operators toward proactive maintenance with Bird’s FlightHawk Kit. This tool allows diagnosis of malfunctioning cables, connectors, and antennas, quickly and accurately, without trial and error testing or component swapping reducing Aircraft on Ground downtime & expense.