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New Enhanced Semiconductor Calibration Cart

Solon, Ohio - August 2020

Bird, a leading RF test and measurement technology leader, enhances its product offering of the Semiconductor Calibration Cart:

All incorporate the latest Bird 4421A Series Meter Display to improve the essential task of calibrating RF generators in semiconductor fabs and foundries.

Three crucial requirements in the calibration of RF sources are a high-precision power sensor, a stable high-power load with low reflection, and an easy-to-use power meter to provide highly accurate and unambiguous power readings. Bird’s calibration carts deliver all three of these requirements in one easily transportable package. Utilizing a stainless-steel construction suitable for a clean room environment, these calibration carts are indispensable for semiconductor fabrication locations with multiple RF generators.  

The calibration of RF generators is vital in ensuring repeatable chamber performance over time. Chamber-to-chamber matching is equally important to maximize product yield and to minimize product variation. Bird’s power sensors, power meters and loads have become the trusted standard worldwide. With Bird’s expansive selection of sensors and loads, each calibration cart can be customized to accommodate different accuracies, frequencies, and power levels.   

Available options:

  • Accuracies of 1% to 3%
  • Frequencies between 100kHz to 170MHz
  • Maximum power between 1kW to 25kW  

The SCC72 Calibration Cart can be configured with Bird’s 4027A, 4027F or 4020 series sensors providing a wide array of frequency options. This calibration cart can also be outfitted with loads with maximum power dissipation between 1kW and 10kW. 

For applications consisting of two frequencies, the MSCC72 provides the ideal solution for increased functionality with minimal added cost. Consisting of single 5kW or 10kW load, the MSCC7 is configured with two of Bird’s 4027A, 4027F or 4020 series sensors.

The SCC8 Calibration Cart is the ideal solution for the calibration of high-power RF generators. With a self-contained water-cooled load, the SCC8 can dissipate up to 25kW of RF power.

Contact Bird to learn more about these calibration carts and for customization assistance to configure a calibration cart that is optimized for your application. 


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