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Bird Announces NFPA Compliant Battery Backup Units

Public Safety grade Battery Backup Units

Solon, Ohio - October 2017

Bird released its latest Public Safety grade Battery Backup Units (BBUs) providing cost effective solutions with mission critical specs and features.   

In addition to Bird's signal boosters, any manufacturer’s signal booster or repeater that utilizes 24VDC supply can be paired with the BBUs.

The BBUs are designed with either one or two pairs of high capacity lead acid batteries, along with an integrated charger and monitoring system, housed in a red NEMA4 enclosure. They can maintain full continuous operation of Birds signal boosters for a minimum of either 12 or 24 hours, while also providing LED status indicators and auxiliary alarm connections for remote monitoring.  When used in combination with Bird RescueLineTM signal boosters, the system will achieve full compliance with NFPA72, NFPA1221 and IFC requirements related to Two-way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems. 


To learn more, view the Battery Backup Unit product page.

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