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Advanced Spectrum Logging (ASL) Software

Solon, Ohio - July 2015

The Rack-Mount SignalHawk is a world-class, full-function spectrum analyzer designed to meet the needs of users who are responsible for maintaining remote installations. Over an Ethernet network, you can remotely analyze the performance of your system and diagnose problems from any computer on your network, whether in the same room or half way across the state.

Continuously record the spectrum analyzer traces for just your frequencies or any portion of the spectrum from 100 KHz to 3.6 GHz. Playback recorded traces at your convenience to analyze interference or other RF events that occur when no one is watching. Identify the type and strength of interfering signals and significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve many RF related problems.

  • Logs Spectrum Traces for days or weeks.
  • Review recorded traces using typical spectrum analyzer functions.
  • Programmable to your frequency band of interest.
  • Configurable set up for an automated test plan to record frequencies of interest.
  • Remote accessibility via IP Enabled Ethernet.

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