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RF Tower Top Amplifiers and Receiver Multicouplers

Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) is an important system component in systems typically above 700 MHz. As a frequency rises, so does the loss of the coaxial cable feedline which connects the receive antenna to the system. For best operating performance, place a TTA as close to the receive antenna as practically possible to minimize feedline loss. The TTA solution will manage and amplify the signal which will increase sensitivity. This increase in sensitivity, often in excess of 10 dB, can make up for the imbalance between mobile and handheld users in critical systems. The components that are commonly used with a TTA are the TTA (Tower Top Amplifier) also referred to as Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA), Receiver Multicoupler, Preselector and Post Selector. The actual products used per site may vary depending on the RF environment.

RF Tower-Top Amplifiers and Receiver Multicouplers

Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems brand, Tower-Top Amplifiers (TTA) are high performance, quadrature-coupled low noise amplifiers (LNA) designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications.

Bird Broadband RF Receiver Multicouplers provide unequalled performance in a 1-rack unit (1-3/4 inch) space-saving package. High-performance LNA's exhibit a very low noise figure while providing a (100% measured) 3rd order output intercept point in excess of +40 dBm. The multicouplers are designed with a minimum excess gain of 10 dB which gives maximum sensitivity in rural or low noise applications.

Bird has designed application-specific multi-cavity RF Preselector filter products for use in limiting the bandwidth in front of a multiple-receiver system. We also design Post Selectors for use after a multiple-transmitter system. Size and complexity range from a model built from three helically-loaded 1.3-inch rectangular resonators for relatively low-selectivity receive-only applications, where 2 dB of loss can be tolerated, to four 6.625-inch cavities that can handle 400 watts with high selectivity and loss of 1 dB or less.

429 Series, Tower Top Amplifier Systems (TTA)

High Performance Compact Tower Top Amplifier Systems

434B Series, Mini AutoQuad Tower Top Amplifier System

High Performance Quadrature-Coupled Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)

435 Series, Mini Tower Top Amplifier System

Designed to Enhance the Operation of the Base Station

Receiver Multicouplers

TX RX’s broadband receiver multicouplers provide unequalled performance in a 1-rack unit (1-3/4 inch) space-saving package.

75 Series, Expansion Kits

Expansion Kits (100-1000 MHz) for 2nd Generation and Legacy Receiver Multicouplers

Single to Dual Stage Preamplifier Kits

Single and dual stage preamplifiers with two and four channel power dividers