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Components and Accessories

The Bird commitment to provide the RF industry with the most reliable instruments and infrastructure products extends into our full line of rf accessories. We understand that our products are subjected to some of the harshest and most demanding RF environments in the field. Bird designs and manufactures rf accessories that customize and enhance our products to the same high level of quality and reliability as the products they support.


Bird offers a wide range of RF accessories for all of our product lines. These accessories allow our customers to modify and enhance our products to meet their specific application requirements.

Batteries and Power Adapters
Batteries and Power Adapters for your Bird Products.
Cables and Power Cords
DC Series, Coaxial Cables are constructed from RG-58/U material and each is equipped with a DC plug on one end and a spade lug, additional DC connector or BNC connector on the other end.
Equipment Cases
Protect and easily transport your equpiment with this sturdy carrying cases from Bird. Most carrying cases include shock-absorbing laminated die-cut foam inserts, durable polyurethane shell, folding handle and quick release latches to keep everything secure.
Mounting Accessories
Heavy-Duty Rack Mount Kits and Mounting Brackets.
RF Adapters
Adapter Accessories for your application needs.
Termination Load Accessories
Termination Load Accessories for your Bird Products.
RF Connectors
Select the "right" RF Connector for your application needs.
Software and PC Accessories

This category includes PC Tool Applications.

Miscellaneous Parts
Miscellaneous Parts
USB, GPS and PC Accessories
This category includes VPM3 - Virtual Power Measurement Software, PC Tool Software, USB devices and GPS Sensor