Signal Booster II
Mission Critical Series - SBII
Signal Booster II
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Mission Critical Series - SBII

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Mission Critical Reliability for In-Building Coverage

Mission Critical Broadband SBII Series- This model has been considered the industry standard for Mission Critical LMR / Public Safety Signal Boosters. It covers UHF, 700/800/900 MHz frequencies and is part of the RescueLine product family.  

Whether you are on the front line and depend on a reliable communication system or you are the systems integrator responsible for implementing a dependable system, this design facilitates installation and system optimization for rock solid operation via a simple man-machine interface. Imbedded features for ease of initial setup include decoupled test points for signal level detection, menu driven gain setting, front panel LED monitors for amplifier and power status, and an at-a-glance LED bar graph to indicate relative level of Output Level Control (OLC). Additionally, this product offers a unique on-board OLC DataLog feature that archives a User Signal Profile to facilitate optimum system configuration and performance.

  • The 61-65-50 Series provides coverage for 406-430 MHz installations.
  • The 61-70-50 Series provides coverage for 450-470 MHz installations.
  • The 61-71-50 Series provides coverage for 470-490 MHz installations.
  • The 61-72-50 Series provides coverage for 490-512 MHz installations.
  • The 61-83B-50 Series provides coverage for 764-806 MHz installations.
  • The 61-89A-50 Series provides coverage for 806-869 MHz installations.
  • The 61-89A-50-05489-G1 provides coverage for 806-869 MHz installations. This model has extra notch filtering to provide protection from interfering cellular channels.
  • The 61-88-50 Series provides coverage for 890-960 MHz installations.

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  Item No Item Name Frequency Range Passbands Passband Frequencies
  61-65-50 Series 406-430 MHz, UHF Signal Booster II 406-430 MHz See Model Matrix N/A
  61-70-50 Series 450-512 MHz, UHF Signal Booster II Matrix Matrix N/A
  61-83B-50 Series 700 MHz Band, Signal Booster II LF: 764-776 MHz
HF: 794-806 MHz
N/A 12 MHz
  61-89A-50 Series 800 MHz Band, Signal Booster II 806-869 MHz N/A N/A
  61-89A-50-05489-G1 800 MHz Band, Signal Booster II LF: 806-824 MHz
HF: 851-869 MHz
N/A 18 MHz
  61-88-50 Series 900 MHz Band, Signal Booster II 61-88-50-#05-XX:
LF: 896-901 MHz;
HF: 935-940 MHz

LF: 896-902 MHz;
HF: 935-941 MHz
N/A 61-88-50-#05-XX:
5 MHz

6 MHz