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LMR Signal Boosters and Cellular Repeaters

When a direct base station connection is not available, an alternative is to amplify a low level signal off the air into a building or other disadvantaged location.  Once amplified, the signals can be used to drive a passive coax and antenna system or a Fiber DAS. 

Cellular Repeaters

Available in various mechanical configurations and output powers levels, and all come with software adjustable bandwidth.

Enterprise SBI
Exceptional balance of performance and value for extended coverage of radio communications networks. Covers full Public Safety band in accordance with latest FCC configuration code. Models for indoor and outdoor applications.
Mission Critical SBII
This model has been considered the industry standard for Mission Critical LMR / Public Safety Signal Boosters. 
Mission Critical SBII+

SBII+ provides Public Safety grade reliability and coverage in disadvantaged RF locations. 

Mission Critical SBIII
This product series offers a couple different models that offer programmable filter flexibility design to master the challenges of a changing RF environment. Models are available to support UHF and 700/800MHz. The 700/800 Digital Booster model is part of the RescueLine product family.
Mission Critical Legacy
Accommodates Public Safety and commercial applications in the 132-174 MHz range.  Most VHF Bi-Directional Amplifiers are custom designed to handle specific frequency plans.
RescueLine Signal Boosters
Complies with New International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) Standards. The SBII, SBIII and the Legacy Series have models that are part of the RescueLine product family.
LMR Signal Booster Options
Bird has several options available to enhance the performance of the Signal Booster Series.